Four Reasonable Criteria To Select A Bomb Calorimeter

Four Reasonable Criteria To Select A Bomb Calorimeter

There are a number of factors which should influence a user in his or her selection of a bomb calorimeter. In general, the following four reasonable areas will help define the correct calorimeter choice. 
The factors that influence the selection of a calorimeter
1. Precision 
2. Workload 
3. Type of Analysis: including Test Method, Sample Size and Sample Characteristics 
4. Budget 

Some instruments, by design, are able to provide data with greater precision than others. Instruments may be classified based on their expected performance and this classification is used to define limits by which data can be assessed. 
Standard methods usually define a level of precision and/or accuracy, and therefore the method parameters must be considered. 
Precision and accuracy in relation to instrumentation must be studied and understood in order to select the most appropriate calorimeter. 

Generally, Automatic Bomb Calorimeters are designed to handle a large volume of samples. Loading of the sample involves a simple 1/8th turn of the bomb head in the unit. The unit then automatically fills the bomb and bucket, ignites the sample, monitors the temperature rise and flushes the system once the reaction is complete. 
Users will find that they can operate multiple calorimeters with ease. The operator time per test is estimated to be 7~15 minute and therefore it is possible for one operator to manage multiple units simultaneously. 

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Type of Analysis 
Some Automatic Calorimeter utilize a controlled water jacket. The water jacket is maintained at a fixed temperature, completely surrounding the bomb and bucket. 

These calorimeter is able to provide the highest level of precision to the user. 
This is possible because each component of the system can be controlled by the operator. 
For example, the manual release of the bomb allows the user to have complete control over the exhaust of the vessel. This may be critical when analyzing the subsequent combustion products. for Oxygen Bombs. 

Typical bombs are designed to handle approximately 1 g of a sample that liberates 5000 – 8000 calories using an oxygen charging pressure of 30 atm. Finally, the choice of bomb style may affect the calorimeter chosen. Bomb choice is dictated by sample size and alloy of construction. 

For example, the OuRui micro OxygenBomb is designed for small samples such as marine biology or ecological studies. It may also be used when sample size is limited. This 22 mL bomb will handle samples that range from 25 to 200 milligrams, liberating 52 to 1200 calories when burned in oxygen, using initial pressures. 

Price will often be a deciding factor in the purchase of a calorimeter and will, of course, be taken into account. For current pricing or additional assistance on choosing the appropriate calorimeter, you can contact the product Company. 

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