How To Operate An Automatic Bomb Calorimeter

How To Operate An Automatic Bomb Calorimeter

To Operate An Automatic Bomb Calorimeter you can follow this simple Operation instructions : 

Put 50kg of distilled water into a stainless steel water bucket, place the bucket and the instrument in the same room for 10 hours under constant temperature. In order to get better accuracy data, recommend to do test after instrument turn on 2 hrs. 

1. Reagent and Materials: 
- Benzoic acid (or standard coal): standard substance for heat measurement, should be approved and stipulated by the state metrological administrations and should have the certificate for standard substance. 
- Ignition wire: Nickel Chrome Wire of 0.1mm in diameter. 
 - Oxygen: There should be no hydrogen or other inflammables. It is forbidden to electrolyze oxygen. 

2. Operation Procedure 
- Connect power. 
- Select one standard benzoic acid (700-1000 mg), wrapped up in paper of 30-90 mg, (after weighing them to the precision of 0.1 mg), place the materials into the crucible. 
- Fix the crucible that contains standard heat substance, place the two ends ofone ignition wire onto two polar pillars and ensure its contact with the standard heat substance. add 10ml water into Oxygen bomb and closes with oxygen bomb cover, use the oxygen filling apparatus to fill pure oxygen into oxygen bomb for 10 seconds or above. The oxygen bomb must not leak oxygen. 

to operate bomb calorimeter

- Put the oxygen bomb i nto inner cylinder. 
- close with cover, key in the paper weight, material weight (total weight of paper and material), with unit of mg, and key in other relevant parameters. 
Press Start for automatic measurement, after measurement completion, the instrument buzzes (press any key to stop the buzzing). The screen shows the caloric value, Press any button to stop the buzzing. 
The screen displays the calorics: on the left is caloric/g and on the right is J/g. The printer prints out the data at the same time. 
- Take out the oxygen bomb and empty water of internal cylinder. into the outside bucket, use the gas discharge valve to release oxygen of oxygen bomb. 
Open the oxygen bomb and check whether there is any sample incompletely burned; if yes, need re-do experiment. 

Note : Different type of automatic bomb calorimeter, different Operation instructions. See the manuals. 
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